SATURDAY 1 DECEMBER HOURS 11.00 / 13.00 – 16.00 / 20.00

My ‘Apache’ The Last Bulwark Of Humanity.

Paola Rava the artist ,opened up to the city with her last exhibition.  The Bolognese artist gives birth to the ‘ APACHE- THE NATIVE AMERICANS ’ at the ‘CONVENTO DELLE ACQUE ’  this Saturday, after the success of the exhibition unicorns held last year.

CONVENTO DELLE ACQUE is a super exclusive location in Via San Mamolo 171, opened in an extraordinary way for the occasion.
The restoration of the former convent of the fifteenth century is linked to the recovery of the Native Americans’s history. It is so said by the author of these fourteen artwork.

The Apache – they are the bearers of timeless awareness and truth , my exhibition wants to inspire them for a comeback to a more human and earthly dimension. I dedicate this collection to them with great love and respect.





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