A piece of art arises mainly from a vision, an interior representation. Therefore, I harmonise with the subject to be portrayed, so as to be connected with its energy and to discover its essence.

In order to create the necessary feeling with the customer, I ask him/her to come to my atelier, so as to foster a serene dialogue and some kind of empathy, thus reading the inmost feelings and emotions that only a personal meeting can give.

After this initial approach, I internalize the subtle image received from that person and I get ready to give shape to the vision that wants to be revealed on the canvas. On the basis of the impressions received, I choose among the pictures made by myself or by the customer, following his/her wishes.

Looking at pictures, I let sensations pervade me, getting in touch with the essence of the person, just like a musical instrument, entering into resonance with gestures and expressions.

All this has to “sound “ as an orchestra of signs, colours and images. I try to visualize the somatic and soul features that I want to impress on the portrait, proceeding through a labyrinth of information I use to reach the intended goal.

I always ask people to give me pictures of the happy moments in their life, when they felt joy and harmony. Talking with the person, I understand his/her soul desires, distilling the essence that he/she wants to communicate, in order to reveal the interior gold. So a portrait is just like an alchemic operation that wants to find the OPUS, which allows the most authentic and pure part of human essence to re-emerge.

Paola Rava